CoDependence Day

Main Roles:

Lighting Artist / 3D Artist / Environment Artist / VFX Artist / Scrum Master.

About the Project:

This game project was made under the duration of 7 weeks from a team of 9 people.

CoDependence Day

Imagine bathing in money having servants satisfying your every need and living without a single worry in the world.

That, everyone, is unfortunately everything this game is NOT. Is your roommate taking the longest shower of her life when you reeeeally need to pee? Are you the only one cleaning the dirty floor? And what about rent? The grumpy old landlord doesn’t care about excuses. No rent, no flat.

Survive everyday life in a tiny apartment together with your roommate. Mop the floor, cook and work together as the landlord lurks around the corner.

Game Description:

Codependence Day is a co-op survival game,focus on the frustrating but relatable situations of living in a tight space with a roommate. Two players help each other pay rent while satisfying their hunger, hygiene and bladder to survive together for as many days, and nights as possible.


The game requires a player with a friend, two controllers and teamwork. Also, make sure to crank up the graphical fidelity on start!